Raising concerns

We have a collective responsibility to promote fairness, respect and integrity in our dealings with each other and our business partners. At JTI, we take all concerns raised seriously and take the necessary measures to resolve them.

Who should I report my concern to?

If you ever have a doubt or a question, you should always ask for guidance. Throughout the Code, the 'Find out more' sections direct you to the specific department which can help you with related questions or provide you with further information.

If you see or hear something that you believe may be unlawful, unethical, might breach our Code, policies or procedures, or that might threaten our business or reputation, you should speak up about it.

Whatever issue you are facing, you can talk to your line manager or your local P&C business partner in confidence. If you do not feel comfortable with these options, you can raise your concern through our independent and confidential reporting channel, 'Your Voice'.

If you raise a concern, we expect this to be done in good faith. This means you have reasonable grounds to believe that the information you are reporting is true, even if it later turns out not to be. If you raise a concern that is intentionally false, misleading or malicious, this may result in disciplinary action.

When should I report a concern?

However you choose to report, you should speak up sooner rather than later. If you wait before doing so, there is a risk that the situation could get worse, for yourself, for others and for JTI. This can also make it more difficult to resolve.

Any act of retaliation against anyone reporting a concern in good faith or assisting the investigation process will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.

How does Your Voice work?

Speak Up

There are several ways to raise concerns of misconduct through Your Voice. However you get in touch, we will keep your identity confidential throughout the Your Voice process, unless you request otherwise or it is required by law.
  • Send it to the Business Ethics team via the online Your Voice portal or using the voice messaging system
  • Email the Business Ethics team directly at onebehavior@jti.com


The Business Ethics Team will review your concern and decide on the most appropriate course of action. If the concern is not in scope of Your Voice, you will be advised of the next steps.


If further investigation is needed, this will be managed impartially and fairly by an Investigation Lead. He or she will communicate their findings to the Business Ethics Team or the Business Ethics Committee. If needed, corrective actions will be recommended to local management. When involved in a formal investigation or similar type of inquiry, employees are expected to cooperate with honesty and integrity, and to comply with the confidentiality requirements.


The Business Ethics Team shall inform the Reporting Person of the outcome of the investigation. The Chief Compliance Officer approves the closure of all investigated Compliance cases.

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