About this code

We operate with the highest standards of ethical behavior and expect all employees, business partners, and every person acting on our behalf worldwide to live up to these standards. Doing so is critical to protecting our employees, upholding our reputation as a responsible company and to securing our ongoing business success.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all individuals worldwide in an employment relationship with any JTI entity, as well as external staff, such as temporary personnel, even if not employed directly by JTI.

The standards outlined in our Code are not exhaustive. They do not replace local laws or JTI operating guidelines, policies and procedures. If a standard within our Code differs from applicable laws, the stricter standard will prevail. However, you must never breach applicable laws.

Failure to comply with the JTI Code of Conduct, our legal obligations or our operating guidelines, policies and procedures may result in disciplinary measures, including termination.

We want to do business with partners who share our values and adopt clear commitments to uphold the standards outlined in our Code.

For each section of this Code, references to additional resources are provided, including:

Who to talk to if you have a question or concern.
References to applicable policies and procedures available on JTI Corporate Compliance portal.
References to other resources, available on the JTI intranet or on JTI website.

While local language translations of the Code may be made, the original English version remains the official version.

This version of the Code, effective November 2022, replaces all previous printed and electronic versions. The Code will be periodically reviewed and updated.

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