Our business integrity

Managing external communications

While only authorized representatives may engage with journalists on behalf of JTI, all employees are encouraged to engage in social media relating to our business.

What does this mean for JTI?

Only JTI senior management, country general managers and authorized local, regional and global Corporate Development representatives can speak to journalists.

What does this mean to me as an employee?

I am careful about sharing information about JTI on social media, and I only ever refer to information that has been provided by the Company and is publicly available.

I do not post or share confidential information about JTI on social media sites, blogs, chat forums.

As a general rule, if I don’t want to see something on the front page of a national newspaper, I should not post or share it on social media or in any other public forum.

Do’s and Don’t’s of social media

  • DO share posts and jobs with your personal networks that have been published by JTI business channels
  • DO make it clear that opinions are your own
  • DON'T post confidential information on social media sites.
  • DON'T personally seek to promote JTI tobacco products on social media.

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