Our people

Ensuring health and safety

All employees have the right to be protected from work-related injuries and illnesses. We provide them with a safe working environment and promote a culture that prioritizes health and safety.

What does this mean for JTI?

We strive for zero harm among our employees and to carry out all our business activities in a safe manner. We focus on managing and mitigating health and safety risks arising from our business activities, creating safe workplaces, building safety competence, and developing a sustainable safety culture across the business.

What does this mean to me as an employee?

Safety is everyone’s responsibility: Everyone shares the responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace, and we each have a role to play to make it happen.

As an employee, I comply with local legal requirements and promptly report any H&S related incident to the local organization. I take responsibility for my own safety and that of my colleagues. If I am required to operate machinery or drive a JTI vehicle, I must behave safely and responsibly and be mindful of potential hazards. I must not operate machinery, drive or carry out any other activity that may result in harm to myself or others if my judgment or performance is impaired.

As a manager, I am responsible for ensuring compliance with local and JTI H&S requirements. I ensure that employees have the required competencies, training and protective equipment to work safely. If a health and safety incident or risk is brought to my attention, I address it immediately.

What does this mean for our business partners?

We expect our business partners to always follow local H&S legal requirements and to ensure safe working conditions and practices. They are required to have adequate policies and systems in place for managing health and safety.

What situations could this apply to?

Here are some examples of possible hazardous or high-risk situations:

  • I am concerned that a colleague intends to drive or operate machinery under the influence of alcohol.
  • My manager has asked me to carry out a task, but I have not yet received adequate training to do so safely.
  • I’ve noticed a damaged electrical cable which may result in an injury to myself or my colleague.

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