Welcome to our Code of Conduct

Dear colleague,

Achieving our ambition of becoming #1 cannot be pursued at any cost. We will only be successful by operating within the framework of our Code of Conduct and by always doing the right thing.

I often view the Code of Conduct as a compass, pointing me in the right direction if I have a doubt. I urge you to use it as a guide and if you can’t find the answers you seek, reach out for advice. The reputation and ultimate success of our company depends on each of us performing at our best, all working from the same script.

Whilst we work for a truly diverse company, we must all embrace the same ethical standards and uphold our Company values. The Code supports this expectation by guiding us in how we operate and confirming what it is that makes us different.

In its own way, even if aimed at each of us as individuals, the Code also reinforces the ‘One Team’ spirit. Any decision can potentially have a significant impact on what everyone has built – we each have an individual responsibility to contribute to our collective success.

I therefore ask you to champion the JTI Code of Conduct. It’s not complicated, many of the messages are just common sense. Use it, as I do, to better understand what our Company is all about and to remind yourselves at the end of each working day that you did the right thing.

Eddy Pirard
President and CEO

“Achieving our ambition of becoming #1 cannot be pursued at any cost.”

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