Our role in society

Remaining politically neutral

It is in our best interest to remain politically neutral.

What does this mean for JTI?

We do not apply or attempt to apply improper influence on government agencies, representatives or legislators to produce a favorable outcome for JTI.

We respect the right of our employees to play an active part in political processes, provided their involvement is personal and not associated with JTI.

What does this mean to me as an employee?

My political affiliations are personal and unrelated to my work at JTI. I conduct any political activities in my own time and without the use of JTI resources, email addresses or other Company references.

I do not use the workplace to promote political campaigns, canvass support from colleagues or seek financial contributions to my political activity.

If I intend to hold a position in public office, I inform my manager as well as my local or regional Legal Counsel.

What situations could this apply to?

Here are some examples of issues involving political activities:

  • I want to host a rally led by a parliamentary candidate on JTI premises.
  • I actively participate in local politics outside of work and would like to run for election as a local councilor.
  • A colleague is using his JTI branded vehicle to participate in political rallies.

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