Your role as a line manager

While our Code, policies and procedures apply to all employees, as a line manager, you have additional responsibilities. We expect you to set a positive example by living the JTI values and inspiring others to always behave ethically and responsibly.

As a line manager, you play a key role in raising awareness of our Code with your team members and helping them understand it. It is important that employees reporting to you know what behavior is expected of them and receive the appropriate training and guidance to make the right ethical decisions.

We count on you to create a work environment that fosters and enables ethical behavior and where team members feel comfortable speaking up without fear of retaliation. We expect you to treat each concern reported to you seriously, in confidence and to support your team member in timely resolving the matter. It is important that appropriate corrective measures are implemented if a misconduct occurs within your team.

If you feel that you need support dealing with a concern or that the concern must be escalated, get in touch with the Business Ethics team directly or at

Moreover, by virtue of your position, you have a greater responsibility to deal with or report a suspected breach of the Code of Conduct that you observe.

The ‘Guidelines for line managers on handling reported concerns of misconduct’ are available to help you. You will find the references to some practical tools to help you promote ethical behavior within your team in the section below. These include a short guidance document, ethical dilemmas and more, which we will update over time and are available on the Your Voice section of the Corporate Compliance portal.

If you are reading a printed copy of this Code and don’t have access to these tools, please get in touch with a member of the Business Ethics team.

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