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Cooperating with government inquiries

We fully co-operate with government inquiries and investigations.

What does this mean for JTI?

From time to time, authorities require information relating to various aspects of our business activities to issue permits and certificates and to ensure that JTI is operating responsibly.

On occasion, authorities may also conduct unannounced visits, also referred to as ‘Dawn Raids’.

What does this mean to me as an employee?

I should always provide honest and accurate information, or make such information accessible. During site visits, officials must be accompanied at all times by an employee designated by a legal representative.

If I receive an unannounced request for information or a visit, I follow local Dawn Raid guidelines and I ensure the local Dawn Raid Coordinator or the local or regional Legal Counsel is immediately informed. The specific role of Dawn Raid Coordinators is outlined in the Dawn Raid guidelines.

What is the role of Dawn Raid Coordinators?

A Dawn Raid can happen at any time. Dawn Raid Coordinators are the main points of contact in such situations. This includes being prepared at all times for such visits and making sure anyone else who may be involved - receptionists, members of IT, other members of the Dawn Raid team or employees in general - has the information they need and is prepared.

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