Our role in society

Ensuring fair competition

We are committed to competing fairly in all markets and in full compliance with competition laws.

What does this mean for JTI?

Any behavior that has the purpose or effect of distorting fair competition is anti-competitive.

Not respecting the rules of fair competition, even if unintentionally, can result in severe penalties for JTI and its employees.

We carry out all activities and strategic decisions independently of our competitors. We respect that our customers must be free to make their own business decisions concerning their customers and how they compete in the market.

What does this mean to me as an employee?

I have a responsibility to know the rules of fair competition and be aware of the limits they set.

In all activities, I determine JTI’s commercial strategy and actions independently of competitors. I make decisions in the interest of JTI only, and without consultation, coordination or agreement with competitors, nor exchange of competitively sensitive information.

I ensure that customers remain free to make their own business decisions on how they deal with their customers and how they behave and compete in the market.

I handle and communicate competitively sensitive information with care and ensure its security is protected and maintained.

I consult a member of the Legal team immediately if I suspect any incidence of anti-competitive activity in my business area, or if I have any questions about competition laws and how they relate to my work.

What does this mean for our business partners?

Business partners, including consultants and data vendors, are responsible for familiarizing themselves with applicable competition laws and maintaining the confidentiality of competitively sensitive information.


  • Apply the same care to face-to-face conversations, emails and text messages as to a letter or a memorandum.
  • Treat trade association meetings in the same way as a meeting with a competitor.
  • Keep an accurate record of what was discussed during meetings with competitors, trade associations or industry bodies.

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