Our business integrity

Respecting economic sanctions and export controls

We are committed to complying with applicable economic sanctions and export controls.

What does this mean for JTI?

Economic sanctions and export controls may restrict or prohibit business dealings with specified individuals, entities or countries. They can also restrict or prohibit the export or import of certain goods or services. The penalties for non-compliance with sanctions and export controls, even if unintentional, can be severe for both JTI and its employees.

We have policies and processes in place to help ensure none of our businesses or employees engage in a prohibited transaction.

What does this mean to me as an employee?

I am responsible for familiarizing myself and complying with JTI’s Global Economic Sanctions policy and Legal guidance documents and for respecting all sanctions and export controls applicable to me or to the JTI entity that I work for.

For business transactions involving embargoed and high-risk countries, products or services, I seek prior written approval from my Associate General Counsel, local Legal Counsel or the Sanctions Officer.

If I have a concern about a possible sanction or export control risk, I notify my Associate General Counsel, local Legal Counsel or the Sanctions Officer immediately.

What does this mean for our business partners?

We expect our business partners to comply with all applicable sanctions and export controls and with the JTI Business Partners Standards.

What situations could this apply to?

Here are some situations where economic sanctions could be at risk of being violated:

  • As a US citizen or green card holder, I am listed as a BAP/Memo approver for a project related to a country under US embargo.
  • I wish to pay a supplier delivering goods to a country under US embargo in US dollars.
  • I wish to send a laser which could be used for civilian or military purposes to a JTI factory, but have not confirmed if an export license is required.

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